We are back, with Unlimited Love! 

After a long hiatus, we are excited to be heading back to the stage for a series of shows this summer!  In addition to all the radio hits and fan favorites we've been playing for many years, we will also feature new material from the latest Peppers album, Unlimited Love!  We can't wait to play these new tunes for everyone!

The Getaway! 

Well this post is coming 12 days late, but just taking a minute to say how excited the band is to be celebrating the first new RHCP album in 5 years!  We have already performed Dark Necessities at our last 3 shows, and are working to add several more favorites from this fantastic record!  Hit us on social media with your favorites, and we will take fan input into account as we choose which songs to learn next.  If you don't have The Getaway yet, pick up your copy NOW!

New website! 

We are pleased to announce the go-live of our new website!  We were running happily with the previous version of funkymonksmusic.com for nearly 9 years, but technology has evolved quite a bit since that design (hint: the huge MySpace link was covered in dust and cobwebs).  Along with the new design we did make sacrifice to the "Write Our Set" feature, but please send us song requests for shows you plan on attending via social media or other means and we will try to accommodate when possible.  Welcome to all, and please return for the latest and greatest updates from Funky Monks!

Past News/Press
Here are just a few items preserved from our old website:


Check out this article written about Funky Monks in the Indiana Daily Student, following an interview held with the band prior to taking the stage at The Bluebird.

We had a blast with our live-in-the-studio performance on ABC 7 News (WLS-TV, Chicago).  It was a pleasure meeting news anchors Linda Yu and Sylvia Perez, and we had a tour of the studio with one of the crew members before the show began.  If you missed our feature, you can catch it here.

Funky Monks headline a concert at the Hard Rock Café in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Funky Monks close out the NCAA Final Four street festival in San Antonio, TX, following 3 Doors Down, All-American Rejects, and an up-and-coming Taylor Swift.

Funky Monks first international show, at Nirvana Rock Joint in Monterrey, Mexico.

Funky Monks partner with EastCoast Entertainment for our first travel show out of the Midwest - a large fraternity event at Hampden-Sydney College, VA.

Paul Guziec replaces Christian Danger on drums...finally completing a lineup for the band to stand the test of time!

Mike Walker replaces Eric Sorensen on guitar.

Eric Sorensen replaces Eric Wilimczyk on guitar, and Christian Danger replaces Paul Wilimczyk on drums.

Did you know Funky Monks appeared on the hit television series ER?  Well not exactly, but the producers of the show had a character that was based on a RHCP tribute band guitarist, and they obtained rights from us for using our name and logo.  Check out this video to walk down memory lane with us.

First Funky Monks show at Sean Kaley's in Lemont, IL. 

Funky Monks welcomes Ryan Machnica as lead vocalist!

Jeff Genualdi invites Eric and Paul Wilimczyk to join him in the formation of Funky Monks, Chicago's first RHCP tribute!